Automatic Tank Gauging

Accu Bulk tank probes are installed into bulk fuel tanks for automatic reading of volume, water, temperature and mm. Readings are taken periodically and at every level increment. Deliveries are also automatically detected. All data is posted to the website either by the ST500 or our ST300 data interface (if no ST500 is installed).
Automatic Tank Gauging

Tank Gauging Features

  • The product level and temperature in a tank are measured continuously and automatically analyzed and recorded by a computer-this saves labour and time
  • In the "inventory mode," the ATGS replaces the use of the dip stick to measure product level and perform inventory control. This mode records the activities of an in-service tank, including deliveries
  • In the "test mode," the tank is taken out of service and the product level and temperature are measured for at least one hour to detect possible leaks. The ATG system works alone or with a Dispensing Controller or Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Tank inventory information is posted directly to a website and alarms can be e-mailed to selected parties
  • Sites can be viewed or managed remotely via the internet or on the site
  • Reports and alarms etc. can be customised to the clients requirements
Tank Gauging

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