Fuel Management for the Construction Industry

Fuel Management Africa will help you gain complete control over your fuel dispensing and inventory taking.

Take automatic inventory and reconcile via the online software, saving time and labour hours. Eliminate theft and fraud as well as human error.

Our ST500 pump controller is an ideal solution for the mining and construction industries. This puts complete control in your hands buy providing a comprehensive fuel management solution.

Minimise the time & labour it takes to create inventories, record data and reconcile fuel consumption.

With our fuel management solutions you can measure all incoming and outgoing fuel automatically via our sophistcated software and recording devices. Connect and control multiple devices: pumps, vehicles and tags. Let us deliver fuel to you and save you the hassle.

What can Fuel Managment Africa do for you

  • Automatically reconcile fuel inventories and store data online
  • Eliminate the need for 24 hour labour in order to dispense fuel during day and night shifts
  • Programme pumps to dispence fuel in certain ammounts
  • Review records that are automatically taken via the software through our website

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