ST500 Fuel Management

The ST500 fuel management solutions provides secure, unattended control over the issuing of fuel from 2 pumps. With a variety of access and fuel management monitoring controls you can now positively identify the person and vehicle receiving fuel. The activation of refuelling transactions include a variety of methods such as Dallas iButtons or direct integration with GPS tracking systems to activate the pump.
ST500 Fuel Management

ST500 Fuel Management Benefits

The solution starts with manual input screens for each site and all fleet vehicles

  • Improved labour efficiency through the automation of fuel control
  • Enhanced, centralised management through networking of systems for multiple sites
  • Improved cost management through automated and accurate collection of data
  • Eliminate theft through secure access to fuel

ST500 Fuel Management Features

  • Monitors and controls up to three electronic (serial communication with pump protocol) up to 2 pumps
  • Can integrate with multiple devices such as tank gauging, GPS tracking systems and RFID readers
  • Boasts automatic tank gauging readings - this device takes a reading of the bulk fuel stock at the start of the transaction as well as at the end of the transaction enabling automatic reconciliation for every transaction
  • Allows for the set-up of multiple fuelling parameters and fuel limits per transaction or per selected time frame
  • Various business rules canbe implemented to provide limitations on transactions
  • Real time measurement of the volume of fuel at any time in the bulk storage tanks
  • Supports 2 motor start or solenoid control, nozzle switch inputs and pulser interfaces
  • Manufactured from materials that can withstand a variety of harsh environments
  • Centralised data management and reporting via the website Several access media options for system control, including iButton, Key pad entry, activation by GPS tracking system and RFID options
  • Unlimited storage
  • Integration with Automatic Tank Gauging- up to 16 probes Extensive and customisable back office reporting

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