FMA World Class reporting platform

The Fuel Management Africa web-base reporting platform is designed for simple and effective control of your dispensed fuel. The site can be used for basic functionality or complex integrated reporting solutions.

  • FMA World Class reporting platform
  • Fuel ordering regimes and reports
  • GPS vs Manual reports
  • Tank levels


The platform provides the basic reporting functions such as:

  • Site reconciliations

  • Transaction reports

  • Vehicle efficiency

  • Summaries

  • Tank levels

These can be either automatically obtained through the installed FMA hardware, ST500 and ATG. Or entities can use the manual portal to input data and have the various reports automatically consolidate and update. This enables Clients to achieve a solution with very little capital l layout or none at all.

The solution is easily upgraded by installing hardware or adding vehicle devices for optimal control. Once the basic hardware is installed only software upgrades are needed to migrate your solution to complex and secure solutions with no loopholes.


For more control, every Client can expand their reporting to in depth detailed reports such as

  • Vehicle and Driver KPI efficiency reports

  • Fuel ordering regimes and reports

  • OTP usage and reports,

  • On road fuel receipt integrations

  • Odo validity reports

  • GPS vs Manual reports

  • And many more.

FMA is willing to customise reports for extreme entities who have individual reporting requirements. This includes customised Tax rebate reports to suit your business operations.


Can read various hardware outputs to be pulled into the FMA reporting platform enabling you to keep existing hardware and evolve the reporting aspects. We integrate with many third party ERP systems to provide seamless reporting data.

The Client will be able to maintain their database within the system and activate and de-activate assets and drivers as their business evolves. These updates can be pulled form other ERM systems automatically or pushed to other systems for reconciliation.

FMA uses open API communication, but also provide other means for those without API capabilities.


All reports and notifications are real time.

All reports are updated as and when transactions and integrations occur.

Management can be notified through SMS or emails. Daily reports can be sent to individuals or departments at anytime requested to enable on the move and predictive management.

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