The Comprehensive Solution

The ST500 fuel management solutions provides secure, unattended control over the issuing of Fuel from 2 pumps.

With a variety of access and fuel management monitoring controls you can now positively identify the person and vehicle receiving fuel. The activation of refuelling transactions include a variety of methods such as Dallas iButtons or direct integration, RFID tags or even direct integration with GPS tracking systems to activate the pump.

Site recording options

The comprehensive solution can be broken down into two aspects. Transaction recording and tank gauging. Each aspect is independent of one another allowing site and capital flexibility.

Automatic Tank Gauging

Accu Bulk tank probes are installed into bulk fuel tanks for automatic reading of volume, water, temperature and mm. Readings are taken periodically and at every level increment. Deliveries are also automatically detected.

Adjustable Solution

The ST500 and Accu ATG equipment can be installed independently which provides the client with flexibility. A manual entry portal is available on the website for Clients to manually capture missing information (either transactions or dip readings etc).

The Site Recording Device

ST500 fuel management is a pump controller that automatically records transactional information and posts data to the FMA website. The ST500 must receive the correct activation details before dispensing will be authorised.

Fuel Consumption Analyse

Fuel Management Africa go the step further to giving clients more visibility into the consumption of the fuel inside equipment and HDV exposed tanks.

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